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Getting Into Dartmouth:

Successful Applicants’ Essays,
Resumes, and Interviews


Learn whether Dartmouth College is right for you (or your child)—and how to maximize the chances of getting in.


Maybe you’re interested in Dartmouth but not sure it’s the right place for you (is it too snooty, too serious, too hard to get into—i.e., just too Ivy League?) This book can help. My co-author Allie Stasior (Dartmouth ’20) and I show in detail the experience of 25 students who successfully applied to Dartmouth and chose to attend it.

We show not just the essays the students wrote, but also:

  • The resumes they used

  • Their interview experiences

  • The recommenders they selected

  • The standardized tests they submitted


For you to better understand these students’ application efforts, we provide the context for them: the type of high school they attended, the courses they took, their extracurricular and community pursuits, and their academic goals.

  • We also put the spotlight on Dartmouth and what makes it special:

  • Its academic, residential, extracurricular, and social elements

  • Its traditions

  • Its financial aid policies

  • Why the 25 profiled students chose Dartmouth

  • The experiences of these students while attending Dartmouth


We believe this book will help students and their families determine:

  • Whether Dartmouth is the right choice

  • What it takes to get into Dartmouth

  • How to put together the best possible application

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