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Master’s & PhD

Although my primary emphasis is on college and professional school (JD, MBA) consulting, clients have frequently asked for my help in getting into other programs. In some cases, these are simply variations on a JD or MBA. In other cases, their career interests would be better served by a program substantially different from the one they initially targeted:

Law school (and related). In addition to helping clients get into JD programs, I have frequently helped them get into LLM and SJD (post-JD) programs, as well as one-year master’s programs meant for mid-career professionals to bolster their knowledge of law without trying to qualify as lawyers.

In some cases, clients may intend to go to law school for some reason besides a desire practice law, but find other programs may be better suited to their goals. Those who intend careers in public policy, for example, may find a Master’s of Public Policy or Master’s of Public Administration to be more useful (as well as cheaper and quicker) than a JD. I frequently help such clients sort out what would best serve their career interests and then help them get into a leading program.

Business school (and related)Although most clients who are interested in pursuing an MBA are well advised to do so, some will be better served earning a related degree such as a Master’s in Finance, or a pre-experience degree, such as a Master’s in Management.  Occasionally, a doctorate in business, economics, or another field is called for.

Graduate school

Clients that I have helped get into college often seek my help for graduate school, whether that be in the fine arts, humanities, social sciences, or STEM disciplines.

In other cases, clients who have benefited from my help ask me to help a family member or friend get into a program that is beyond my normal range. This might be a medical field, whether medical, dental, or veterinary school, or even a private high school. I am delighted to help them, although I may recommend someone I regard as an expert in the relevant field.

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