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My Clients

Most of my clients are aiming to enroll in elite educational institutions, whether at the undergraduate or graduate level. Others simply want to get into the best program for them, whatever its status.

Beyond that, my clients’ situations and needs vary substantially:


In many cases, my clients are concerned that their credentials are insufficient to get them where want to go and want to learn how to upgrade them.

In other cases, clients have perfectly suitable—but not exceptional—credentials for the programs they want to get into, and need to distinguish themselves from the pack.

Occasionally, clients recognize that their credentials are more than suitable for their target programs, but want to be sure that nothing will go amiss.


Many of my clients know what they ultimately want, but not how best to get there. For example, some want to help humanity and wonder whether only a law degree will help them do so. Others want to use their upcoming educational experience to explore career options.

Financing Constraints

Some of my clients can easily afford to pay the full price of the education they seek, whereas others are price sensitive and need help identifying the best low-cost options.


Some clients come to me long before they apply, others come only weeks before applying.

The earlier we start working together, the greater the impact I can have. Note, too, that the fees tend not to increase substantially because the process can be far more efficient than last minute efforts.

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