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College Interviews:

The Definitive Guide


Interviews are an undervalued but important part of the college—and college scholarship—selection process.

However, few students interview well, due to a combination of fear and lack of preparation.

This book shows you how to prepare your child, step by step, to ace the interviews and thereby maximize chances of acceptance (and merit scholarships).

Nearly a thousand colleges in America interview some or all of their applicants. This includes the elite private colleges and universities such as the Ivy League schools and their rivals, which interview as many applicants as possible. It also includes hundreds of professional programs in nursing, engineering, and business. And just as importantly, many of the most lucrative college scholarships are awarded in large part on the basis of interviews.

The importance of interviews for college admission and college scholarships is immense, but the value of learning to interview well doesn’t end there. In fact, most worthwhile jobs, graduate programs, and other career opportunities require a successful interview.

This book, which is based in part on in-depth interviews with over 100 admissions directors and in part on my own decades of experience preparing clients for interviews, demystifies the college interview process. It shows, in detail, what to expect from different types of college interviews and interviewers—and how to prepare for all of them.


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