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How to Get Into the
Top MBA Programs


Getting the right MBA—or other graduate business degree—offers a chance at a life and career-altering transformation as well as better income. However, the choice of program and its timing are critically important. So, too, is maximizing the chances of getting in.


This book, now in its sixth edition, remains the standard for those seeking to maximize their chances of admission to the world’s best business schools. At well over 600 pages, it provides a comprehensive look at admissions at North American and European MBA programs. The book is based on my consulting work for private clients as well as my in-depth interviews with the leading programs’ admissions directors, career services directors, and other key participants in the process (who are quoted liberally throughout the book).

This book was written to give you:

  • An inside view of what leading business schools are looking for in applicants

  • Solid, detailed advice to help you assess and upgrade your credentials

  • A step-by-step guide to take you through the whole application process, showing you:

  • How to choose the right school

  • How to determine your optimal marketing strategy

  • How to write high-quality essays for maximum impact

  • How to choose and then manage your recommenders

  • What to expect in your interviews and how to persuade your interviewers that you have what it takes

  • And in-depth advice for how best to prepare for business school and to get the most out of your MBA program

What the experts are saying:

“An excellent (and very thorough) information source for anyone applying to MBA programs. Applicants will especially benefit from all the straightforward, honest advice from admissions directors. It’s clear, it’s direct, it’s engaging—and it will lead to better applications.”


—Sharon J. Hoffman, Associate Dean
and Director of the MBA Program,
Stanford Graduate School of Business

“How to Get Into the Top MBA Programs…is unquestionably the best book on the subject.”

—Marjorie DeGraca, Director of Admissions,
Haas School of Business
(University of California, Berkeley)

“This guide is an outstanding resource that will help you gain admission to your top choice MBA program and get the most out of the program once you have enrolled. It’s surely the best book on MBA admissions and the ideal starting point for serious applicants. I highly recommend it.”

—Sally Jaeger, Assistant Dean and
Director of the MBA Program,
Tuck School of Business (Dartmouth College)

“The definitive book on the subject. No gimmicks: just straightforward, honest advice from the recognized authority on the application process—as well as in-depth comments from the admissions directors at all of the leading schools.”


—Thomas Calleel, Director of Admissions
and Financial Aid,
The Wharton School
(University of Pennsylvania)

“This is a wonderful, comprehensive, and thorough analysis of how to get into a top MBA program. The advice and information are extraordinarily useful in helping you understand, assess, and maximize your options. It is highly recommended for both American and international programs.”


—Linda Meehan, Assistant Dean for
Admissions and Financial Aid,
Columbia Business School

“This comprehensive book provides an A-to-Z guide of how to maximize your chances of getting into one of the world’s top business schools. It is a small investment that should pay big dividends.”


—Julia Tyler, Director of the
MBA Programme,
London Business School



“I definitely recommend How to Get Into the Top MBA Programs. It is comprehensive, covering in detail every aspect of the admissions process—and does so in a well-organized and user-friendly fashion.”


—Myriam J. Perignon, Director of
the MBA Programme,
INSEAD (France)

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