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Getting Into Brown:

Successful Applicants’ Essays,
Resumes, and Interviews


Learn whether Brown University is right for you (or your child)—and how to maximize the chances of getting in.

You’re interested in Brown, but not absolutely sure it’s the right place for you—and fear that you won’t be able to get in. You also don’t know how to make your application shine. Don’t worry: this book can help you through each stage of the application process.

Getting into Brown shows what makes Brown special:

  • A strong sense of community

  • Friendly and collaborative atmosphere

  • Extremely flexible curriculum

  • Playful, “constructive irreverence”


The book also gives you a detailed, inside look at admissions at Brown, with information not available elsewhere. The focus, however, is on the experience of 33 students who successfully applied to Brown and chose to attend it. You’ll see not just the essays the students wrote, but also:

  • The resumes they used

  • Their interview experiences

  • The recommenders they selected

  • The standardized tests they submitted

  • Their reasons for choosing Brown, and their experiences once at Brown

For you to better understand these students’ application efforts, Getting into Brown shows the context for them: the type of high school they attended, the courses they took, their extracurricular and community pursuits, and their academic goals.

This book will help students and their families determine:

  • Whether Brown is the right choice

  • What it takes to get into Brown

  • How to put together the best possible application

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