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How to Get Into the
Top Law Schools


Law school is too big an investment—in time, money, effort (and identity)—to approach casually.

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How to Get Into the Top Law Schools, now in its fifth edition, remains the standard for those seeking to maximize their chances of admission to the top law schools. The book is based on my consulting work for private clients as well as my in-depth interviews with the leading programs’ admissions, financial aid, and careers directors.


At approximately 600 pages, it provides a comprehensive and analytical guide to the entire law school application process.

It shows you how to:

  • Determine whether or not to attend law school

  • Choose the right schools for you

  • Assess and upgrade your credentials

  • Develop your optimal marketing strategy

  • Write winning essays for maximum impact

  • Select and brief your recommenders

  • Ace your interviews

  • Minimize the cost of law school

  • Prepare for law school and get the most out of your program once you go

What the experts are saying:

“Montauk hits the nail on the head…. I heartily recommend this book.
In fact, this is the book I recommended my daughter read when she was considering applying to law schools.”


—Theresa Bryant, Executive Director,
Yale Law School

“Of the considerable number

of choices, this is the book I recommend. In fact, it’s the one I used when I was preparing to interview for the job I have now.”


—Sarah C. Zearfoss, Assistant Dean
of Admissions,
University of Michigan Law School

“The best book on the subject. Period.”


—William Hoye, Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid,
Duke University School of Law

“There are lots of books out there which promise to give you the real goods on law schools and the admissions process. This is that rare one that really does deliver. I recommend it very highly.”

—Andy Cornblatt, Dean of Admissions,
Georgetown University Law Center

“This is a must-read for anyone thinking of attending law school!

It not only has invaluable advice about how to navigate the admissions process, but is also the only resource that clearly describes the pros and cons of pursuing a JD and a legal career. I highly recommend it.”


—Susan Robinson, Associate Dean
of Career Services,
Stanford Law School



“Law school is a big investment;

this guide is a must for those who want to invest wisely. Through a combination of his own insight (based on decades of admissions consulting) and in-depth discussions with the country’s leading admissions and financial

aid professionals, Montauk shows applicants how to maximize bot their admissions and financial aid prospects. The best book on the subject.”


—Rob Schwartz, Assistant Dean
for Admissions,
UCLA School of Law

“Finally a guide that clears up the misconceptions and takes the mystery out of the law school admissions process. Quite simply, this book is the most thorough resource available to those who intend to apply to the nation’s top law schools. With solid advice from the admissions directors themselves on how to manage the admissions process and how to position and communicate your achievements, this book is a must-read if you want to maximize your chances and options.”


—Don Rebstock, Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid,
Northwestern University School of Law


“Richard Montauk’s book is a readable, comprehensive resource for individuals who are considering jumping into the law school admissions process. Through his well-established relationships with admissions deans at top law schools, Montauk has been able to compile accurate and honest information about how the law school admissions process really works. This book covers, in one source, all of the areas prospective students must investigate and consider—from selecting to which schools they will apply to figuring out how to finance their legal educations. I give Montauk’s book an A+.”


—Anne Richard, Associate Dean
of Admissions,
University of Virginia School of Law

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