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I frequently present at major educational events around
the world. A selective list includes:

  • Dozens of presentations for the Association of MBAs—to business school deans and directors as well as to applicants—from London to Budapest.

  • Addressing American law school admissions directors at the annual LSAC (Law School Admissions Council) conference and pre-law advisors at regional and national conferences.

  • Presentations at Fulbright Centers across Europe regarding global MBA admissions, elite American university admissions, LLM admissions, and other topics.

  • Addressing graduate students, post-docs, and junior professors at universities ranging from CUNY to the University of Utah regarding how best to get out of academia.

  • Presentations to students at America’s leading universities, including Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Penn, NYU, Texas, UCLA, USC, Berkeley, and Stanford, regarding business school, law school, and other graduate school admissions.

  • Addressing the National Association of Fellowship Advisors (NAFA) regarding lesser-known fellowship opportunities, assessing post-college opportunities, and the impact of fellowships on professional school admissions.

I also present to parent groups, college student associations, and other less-formal organizations.


My presentations are characterized by a high energy, interactive approach. I am routinely graded as the top presenter at major events.

Most frequent presentation topics

College (for Parents, Students, or Both)

  • Preparing to Apply to the Top Colleges: Laying the Foundation

  • Applying—Successfully—to the Top Colleges

  • How to Select Colleges that will Benefit You
    (and Your Future)

  • The Advantages of Doing a Degree Abroad

  • Back Door—but Legal (and Inexpensive)—Routes into
    the Ivy League

  • Priceless Education on a Tight Budget: How to Get a Great Education, Elite Credentials, and a Winning Network without Breaking the Bank

  • How to Write Great, Distinctive Application Essays

  • Mastering College and Scholarship Interviews

  • Reducing College Application Stress

  • Surviving the Last-Minute Application Scramble

  • Getting the Most Out of College: A Strategic Perspective

  • How to Make Good Money during College

  • Getting into Brown

  • (For international applicants) How to Get into America’s Ivy League Universities

Law School

  • How to Get Into the Top Law Schools

  • LLM Degrees in the US, UK, and Other Anglophone Settings

MBA/Business School

  • How to Get Into the Top MBA Programs

  • MBA.alt: Alternative Business Education and Training

Leaving Academia

(for Graduate Students, Post-Docs, Adjuncts, and Others)

  • How to Leave Academia Successfully

  • Resumes, Cover Letters, LinkedIn, and Interviews: Making the Most of Basic Marketing Tools


  • Getting Early Career Traction

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